The Bahamas form an island group that extends over 500 miles in the Caribbean. It consists of over 700 islands and is over 200ft at its highest on Cat Island. With these islands sprinkled over 100,000 sq. miles of ocean, the Bahamas offer the largest assortment of vacation spots of any country.The Islands are circled by cays (pronounced “keys”) which are as varied as they are numerous.

The Bahamas has the world's third longest barrier reef and the islands are made entirely of calcium carbonate, which is mainly produced or precipitated by the organisms of coral reefs. Each island has its own diversity that continues beyond geography. The population of the islands of the bahamas is approximately 300,000.

There are 14 main islands that serve as hubs for the remaining 686 islands. The principal islands are Grand Bahama, New Providence, Andros Island, Eleuthera, Cat Island and Abaco.

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