Film Projects

After staging a number of plays, Pandora's Last Sunday was selected as the group's first film in 2004. Since the completion of that film the group has expanded to include another cameramen, Jan Valebir. Editing was enhanced with the purchase of a new Macintosh computer and Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Tomorrow (2006) was filmed in Rockland County and Josibos was written by Kevin McGrew and shot during 2007. It was decided that filming of Angels of Mercy would also take place during 2007.

David Snider agreed to provide soundtracks for the various films, the first being Pandora's Last Sunday.

The next production will be Closer to the Sun, first performed as a play in 2002, it was restaged in November after being re-written in parts. The film will have the same cast as the stage play. Sam will be joined by an additional cameraman, Aimee Greenspan and a continuity manager, Janet Baker.

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