Bassline Productions
Bassline Productions
BASSLINE FILMWORKS was born from SHADES REPERTORY THEATER in 2005 as another creative outlet for innovative storytelling. The philosophy of "Film as Art" nourishes a vision to create films that will explore various subjects, genres and styles in unique ways.

Bassline's first feature film, PANDORA was based on Samuel Harps' stage play; Pandora's Last Sunday. The 90 minute drama, directed by Chad Heird, starred Maxwell Bien-Aime, and Amanita Heird as Pandora, a German citizen who is being accused of smuggling money into the U.S. for a man on a terrorist watch list. She marries Omar, a down-on-his-luck actor, strapped for money, to gain citizenship. At the time of the Patriot Act, Omar is immediately targeted by Homeland Security, and his world beings to unravel in an array of mishaps that are both funny and provocative.

Our second film, Tomorrow, is a richly textured drama, beautifully layered with a soundtrack by David Snider on variations on a theme by J.S. BACH. The story looks deep into the lives of several inhabitants of an old building, whose lives are seemingly unaffected by one another. They go about their lives until the music of an inspiring young cellist moves through the worn walls and pipes of the dilapidated dwelling, touching each of their lives in meaningful ways. The 30 minute film was beautifully photographed by Jan Velebir, with amazing editing work by Dan Rovetto.

The third work by B.F., JOSIBOS, based on a Short Story by Kevin McGrew, is a 25 minute police drama in the Rod Serling style of storytelling. Two policemen interrogate a suspected serial police murderer in the basement of a waterfront textile dock. The suspect alleges the real killer to be a mysterious mystical legend from Old African lore that snatches its victims without a trace, leaving nothing but the shoes they wore as a clue. JOSIBOS stars Max Bien Aime, John DeBlasio and Curtis Shaw. It was shot in the minimilist style by Jan Velebir, and edited by Dan Rovetto. The jazz score was composed by David Snider.

Bassline is currently in pre-production for its shooting of Closer to the Sun. The full length feature is based on the stage play by the same name, written by Samuel Harps. The character driven drama chronicles the lives of eight people as they prepare for the ultimate environmental disaster, the end of the world.

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